Sports Medicine International (SMI) is a global company designed to provide education and technical services for the sports health care industry. Our target audience is physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists and sports administrators. College/Universities, high schools and sports clubs also can benefit from our information. We have expertise in teaching taping procedures, developing injury prevention programs, emergency action plans and rehabilitation protocols. We also specialize in the design and develop of study abroad program for faculty and students.

Taping Workshops

We have extensive experience in providing education in the use and application taping techniques for injury prevention and for return to play. The course is designed for sports medicine professionals to learn new techniques or to review previously learned materials. We will teach taping and splinting techniques for the major joints of the body and show sport specific application to help reduce or minimize injury.

Injury Prevention Programs

Injury prevention is one of the primary goals of any sports medicine practitioner. Injury prevention measures commonly involve the development of strength, power and flexibility. It also involves the biomechanical analysis of sport movement to ensure the proper sequence and the timing of motion to allow for efficient movement and to minimize stress on the body to reduce the possibility of injury. We are be able to design effective injury prevention measures to improve strength, power, flexibly and mechanical efficiency.

Emergency Action Plans

Emergency situations may arise at anytime during athletic events. Expedient action must be taken in order to provide the best possible care in an emergency and/or life threatening conditions. The development and implementation of an emergency action plan will help ensure that the best care will be provided. We will analyze your facility and your health care services and develop and emergency action plan customized to your site.

Rehabilitation Protocols

Rehabilitation protocols should be developed based on the best evidence based practice. Our extensive experience provides functional and sport-specific rehabilitation prior to returning to full unrestricted activity. Whether it is a running injury, a throwing injury or low back pain from golfing, we will be able to develop or enhance your current rehabilitation program with state-of-the art protocols. We work with all aged athletes and recreational participants from the youth little league athlete to the masters athlete.

International Travel Opportunities and Study Abroad

Sports Medicine opportunities are developing throughout the world. SMI has numerous international contacts in Sports Medicine in Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas. We will be able to help develop and implement faculty tours for practitioners to learn new clinical techniques to improve their patient skills. We are also able to partner with Colleges and Universities to augment your study abroad program within specific countries to organize lectures and clinical observation of sports medicine experts in the host country.