International Travel Opportunities

Sports Medicine opportunities are developing throughout the world. With over twenty years of international sports medicine experience, SMI has extensive international contacts in Sports Medicine in Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas. We will design, develop and implement faculty tours for practitioners to further expand knowledge of new clinical techniques and field of play measures. We have the capability to partner with Colleges and Universities overseas, augmenting your study abroad experience. We will organize lectures and clinical observation and interactions with sports medicine experts in the host country. For more detailed information, see the links below.

Faculty Tours

Here is the opportunity to attend a sports medicine conference in an exciting international setting. SMI designs and facilitates international academic conferences encompassing sports medicine best practice in regions outside North America. We utilize international university faculty as well as the medical teams from professional sports squads. The global variations offer new professional perspectives in fabulous destinations. SMI has the capability and resources to organize a conference or lead a group to an existing international conference. We can collaborate with you or your institution to design a conference in a location you prefer.

Study Abroad

SMI can assist institutions with existing study abroad experience with education and clinical activities specific to sports medicine. We design, develop and implement sports medicine education. This includes visiting the team practice, attending competitions and touring the training/practice/competition grounds. SMI will develop educational programs highlighting country specific methods for the treatment and evaluation of injuries. We typically assemble outstanding speakers to present regionally specific sports medicine topics. Some examples of presentation topics are diagnostic ultrasound techniques, functional exercises/training for elite athletes, field of play care and lecture and practice session for massage. One of the program highlights is the development of a Student Exchange Forum between the host country and visiting students from to share their knowledge and skills with each other.