Emergency Action Plans

Venue Specific Emergency Action Plan

This is a generic sample for venue specific emergency action plan and should be used as a guide only. A venue specific emergency action plan should be developed based on your own site and in consultation with the medical staff, administrators and other relevant personnel.

Address: Write exact address of facility location.

Venue Directions: Write exact directions for the facility from the main street to the venue. These directions can be given to EMS dispatch.

GPS Coordinates: in the event of the need for medical helicopter transport.


Emergency Plan Venue Emergency Personnel

Medical personnel are on site for practice and competition. Prior to start of contest, medical personnel should meet with EMS and visiting medical personnel to review emergency procedures.

Emergency Communication

Fixed telephone lines in the medical facility and/or athletic training room.

  • Sports Medicine facility phone number
  • Cellular for Primary Medical Provider

Emergency Equipment

Field of Play supplies: AED, trauma kit, splint kit, and spine board.

Role of First Responders

  1. Immediate care of the injured or ill athlete(s)
  2. Emergency equipment retrieval
  3. Activation of emergency medical system (EMS)
    1. Call 911 (provide name, address, telephone number, number of individuals injured, first aid treatment, specific directions, other information as requested
  4. Direction of EMS to scene
    1. Open appropriate gates
    2. Designate individual to “flag down” EMS and direct to scene
    3. Scene control: limit scene to first aid providers and move bystanders away from area