Core Stability Exercises

Core stability exercises have become one of the most important exercise and body part to strengthen to improve athletic performance. The core serves as the link to the upper and lower extremity for powerful and efficient movement.

Core stability exercises can be done with and without equipment. These exercises can be performed in a variety of postures and position to add difficulty and challenges the person.

The following exercises provide a progression from simple to complex. For each exercise, you should be able to perform the movement correctly for at least 10 second and not be straining. When the exercise becomes easier to perform, move to the next variation of the exercise.

4 Point Stance

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    Starting Position: Hand and knees comfortably on the floor

    Movement/Action: Hold pelvis in a neutral position for 10 seconds

  • Core_exercises_4c2e93b8

    Starting Position: One leg extension

    Movement/Action: Extend one leg so the leg is parallel with the trunk. Hips and pelvis should be in neutral position. Do not allow hips or pelvis to shift to one side while holding the position.

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    Starting Position: One leg and one arm extension

    Movement/Action: One arm and the opposite side leg should be extended and parallel to the body. Again, make sure the pelvis/trunk stays in a neutral position and does not shift to one side or the other.

Prone Push-Up

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    Starting Position: Start with the arms on the floor and the hips/pelvis should be parallel with the trunk.

    Movement/Action: Raise your pelvis so it is parallel to the floor and in alignment with the shoulders.

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    Starting Position: One leg up

    Movement/Action: While maintaining this posture, lift one leg to be parallel with the body. Again, make sure the hips/trunk remains in neutral position.

Side Lying Prone Push-up

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    Starting Position: Start lying on your side and push up.

    Movement/Action: Your hips/pelvis are off the ground and in alignment with the foot and shoulders.

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    Starting Position: Push up to full elbow extension

    Movement/Action: Again a normal alignment should be maintained in the body. Do not allow the hips/pelvis to drop during the exercise.

  • Core_exercises_1e47a9a6

    Starting Position: Extend 1 leg from the body

    Movement/Action: Move the leg away from the body (abduction) and hold while maintaining the body’s alignment.

  • Core_exercises_m12c4dc9a

    Starting Position: Arm and leg away from the body

    Movement/Action: Move both the arm and leg away from the body (abduction) while maintaining neutral alignment.